American Songwriter interviews Dan Lebowitz of ALO

May 19, 2010
American Songwriter interviews Dan Lebowitz of ALO

Matt Popkin of American Songwriter caught up with ALO, fresh off their gig at the Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama, to discuss ethnomusicology, iTunes impulse buying, Jack Johnson as a producer, and everything in between.

MP: I read that ALO has been playing together since you were all 13. Can you remember the first song you guys wrote together?

Zach [Gill] brought in a song called “Save Me This Dance”—a classic power ballad love song. Our first show was at the junior high school musical. We showed up for the audition thinking it was a talent show. They liked the band and were short on guys for the play. So they said that if we would act in the play, we could do a set at intermission. What a deal!

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